Arbejderbevægelsens Kollegium is located on the top of Sohngårdsholmsbakken, which is a nice and quiet area and right next to the beautiful Sohngårdsholms Slotspark. It is close to the city center and AAU Campus which makes the area attractive for students.

Address: Borgmester Jørgensensvej 3 -7, 9000 Aalborg

Internet is down (Update: Connection is back)

Maintenance at AAU

The internet at ABK is currently down.

This is because AAU is doing maintenance, from where we get our internet connection. We were not informed of this beforehand.

This means we cannot do anything before the maintenance is complete and it is expected to take 1 to 1.5 hours.

Update (11:48):

The internet is now back!

ABK-NET General Assembly

Drill only between 9:00 and 19:00

ABK-Net board are the people who provide you and everyone else at ABK internet for 25 kr/month! To continue to deliver cheap internet we need new volunteers to help develop and maintain the network here at ABK. We are a group of volunteers from ABK who meet the first tuesday every month to work on the network and website. Besides that we have nice workdays, with hacking, fun and free pizza. [Read More]

Welcome to New Residents & Summer Party

Drill only between 9:00 and 19:00

Welcome to the new residents ABK typically gets at summertime, we can’t wait to meet you :) At this time, there is usually quite a few complaints about drilling, so please remember that drilling is only allowed between 9:00 and 19:00. For new residents it is highly recommended to read the other pages on the website, especially the “practical info for residents” section containing info about regulations, moving in, maintenance rules, and trash disposal among other information. [Read More]

Update in Fitness room

New additions: jack cable, bar bells (2x 30kg, 2x 34kg and 2x 38kg), two weight lift poles (handle up to 650kg), one step board (3 height of config), one aerobic set, 6x fitness elastic in different strength and some quick lock for the weight lift poles.

Update in Fitness room

Today, some new equipment have been added to our collection, a new punching bag and new tricep barbell. In some time there have been problems with the different machines, but now every machine have been though a service check and thereby working alot better. Specially the treadmill, cross trainer and the indoor bike.

[Read More]