Trash Disposal

You can find the waste disposal facilities right next to the common house. You can dispose regular waste, paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and hard plastic in the Moloks next to the common-house.

Dispossal of large metal, wood or plastic objects

If the moloks are too small, there’s an enclosed area in which large objects can be dispossed of. This area found on the opposite side of the common house, of the Moloks.

What is regular waste?

Regular waste is the usual waste that you throw out, tissues, leftovers etc. There are three containers for regular waste.

What is paper & cardboard?

Paper and cardboard are the cardboard waste, such as breakfest boxes, pizza boxes, etc. Remember to empty the box from plastic, leftovers etc. before throwing it out!

What is metal and plastic?

Metal and plastic are the container for all smaller bits of metal and plastic. For any larger piece, that does not fit in the containers hole, leave them in the enclossed area.

What is glass?

For all bottles and similar container made in glass, can be dispossed of in this container.