Borrowing Equipment

Borrowing Equipment

ABK offers a variety of equipment you can borrow. They are all free to borrow, but some require a deposit, which you will be given back once the equipment is returned.


Toolbox, drill, jigsaw, and eccentric grinder (Værktøjskasse, boremaskine, stiksav og excentersliber) is lent from the caretaker. Do not try to use your own impact drill (slagboremaskine), the walls are made of reinforced concrete - many drills can not handle this. You have to use a rotary hammer (borehammer)!

You are only allowed to drill between 9:00 and 19:00. There is a 100,- kr deposit when you borrow the drill.

Jack and Car Ramp (Donkraft og bilramper)

These items are lent from the Resident’s Council. If you want to repair you car, it is recommended to do it by the washing space next to the garage. There is a 100,- kr deposit when you borrow one of the items.

Board Games

In the common house you can find a closet with many board games. They are free to borrow. Remember to return the game when you are finished. You gain access to the common house with your chip.

Sewing Machine

The sewing machine is lent from the Resident’s Council. There is a 100,- kr deposit. You will need image documentation, your signature, and documentation of your apartment number and name. The loan period is 48 hours.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums are available for the residents. They are found in the closets in the hallways, which are on the right side of the hallway. Contact the caretaker if you have any questions.