Common House - Fælleshuset

Common House - Fælleshuset

The Common House is open for all residents. You have to use your chip to get inside. It is not available when there are board meetings and other special cases.

The Common House can also be used for communal meals and “hygge” evenings.


The Common House has a kitchen with an oven, a big TV with cable TV, a PS4, many board games, a pool table, and a foosball table.

Friday Bar

The ABK-Bar also hosts Friday bars in the common house most Fridays where they serve cheap beers and drinks.

Using the Common House

Under normal circumstances, one or more residents cannot use the common house to host events, where 5 or more non-residents are participating, as described in the common house regulations.

If you use the Common House, it is your responsibility to clean up afterwards. Linked below is a list of the points which the condition of the common house will be judged from.

Common House Cleaning Guide

Furthermore, using the form linked below, you can seek extraordinary exemption from the rule within the guidelines and conditions described on page 2 of the form.

Common House Dispensation Application

You send in a request by filling out the form, and send it to the Residents’ Council via email at or on Facebook.

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