It is always a good idea to read the instructions that hang on the bulletin boards. At the event of a fire, the fire alarm should be activated. This is done by pressing on one of red buttons that are placed at each hallway exit - this will activate the alarm.

You then have to call the fire department (number: 1-1-2) and explain where it is burning. You can try to put out the fire by using one of the fire extinguishers that are placed in the hallways. If a fire breaks out in the common house you have to call the fire department (number: 1-1-2). Then all people should be evacuated, doors and windows should be closed, and the fire should be extinguished by using the fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

If it is a false alarm, the alarm has to be disabled. This is done by approaching the bulletin board that hangs in the stairway, breaking the glass, and taking and turning key.

Broken Window or Other Emergencies

In case of acute damage to the building/apartment please contact the caretaker if it is within working hours.

If not, contact SSG Skadesservice:

  • Phone: +45 70 23 96 23