Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

If you have guests spending the night, the dormitory has two guest rooms that can be rented for the purpose. The guest rooms are located in block 7 in the room next to the laundry room.

The rooms are furnished with two single beds in each room. The price for rent is 50,- kr. per night and a deposit of 100,- kr. (per key).

You must bring your own pillow, duvet, pillowcase, duvet cover and bed sheet.


If you want to rent one of the rooms, you must contact the caretaker, or you can send a mail to

Office hours are between 07:30-08:00 and 12:30-13:00 weekdays.

The email has to contain:

  • Name of resident / tenant
  • Apartment number
  • Dates of reservation of guest room(s).


The payment of the guestroom is paid through your rent. The payment of the deposit is paid when you collect the key. The amount will be refunded upon delivery of the key.


  • The guest rooms can be rented for maximum one week.
  • The tenant is responsible for bringing his/her own bed sheets.
  • The tenant handles clean-up after the stay and has to empty the waste bags.
  • No smoking or pets.
  • The furniture must not be removed from the guest rooms - removal will be considered theft and will be reported to the police.