Housing Association

The ABK-Kollegium is an independent institution set up as a youth residence with public support. ABK is subject to the rules for “Executive Order on Organization of Youth Housing, which is listed with public support (BEK no 666 of 27/09/1991)".

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the college’s supreme authority and makes the final decision in major decisions about the college. ABK’s Board of Directors consists of 10 members, all of whom are approved by the City of Aalborg:

  • 2 members from educational institutions in Aalborg.
  • 2 members from the city council in Aalborg.
  • 2 members from the Residents’ Council.
  • 4 members from the administration (Hasseris Boligselskab)

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of the ABK Kollegium, and it is ultimately the Board that can take the decision in almost all matters concerning the dormitory. There is a tradition on the ABK, that the residents of the board of directors, receives their wishes if it is within reasonable limits. Board meetings are held twice a year.

Administration / Caretaker

To handle the administration and operation of the ABK Kollegium, the Board of Directors has made an agreement with Hasseris Boligselskab. Hasseris Boligselskab has employed a caretaker and a caretaker assistant who handles the daily operations at ABK. The caretaker has an office in the same building as the common house.

In addition to the caretaker, Hasseris Boligselskab has administrative employees who contribute to the administration, technical exporting and more.