Residents' council

The residents’ council is there for the residents. We do what we can to make the atmosphere and daily life at the college the best possible, by trying to keep a close contact between the board, residents, associations at the kollegium and of course the caretaker.

The residents’ council consists of 7-9 unpaid members.

Forretningsorden (roughly translates to rules of procedure)

Meeting minutes also contains general residents meetings (beboermøder).

Responsible For

  • Taking care of good ideas from the residents
  • Suggestions for improvements / new acquisitions
  • Inquiries about subsidies for associations
  • Handling of complaints regarding violations of the kollegium regulations
  • Openening the dormitory’s two storage rooms

Lending out:

  • the common house for private events
  • urban gardens
  • Sewing machine
  • Jack (donkraft)
  • Car ramps and more…


In order to maintain a close contact, we urge all residents to contact us if they have questions, good ideas for initiatives at the college or generally topics they would like the board to take up.

You are always welcome to contact the residents’ council. This is done by contacting one of the council’s members, by meeting up to a residents council meetings or by sending a facebook message by clicking the button below.

Message Us

It should be noted that meeting up personally at one of the members’ apartment does not guarantee that the storage room can be opened by this kind of personal inquiry.


Currently, the residents council consists of, elected on Annual general meeting 2019 26. February :

Name Apartment Number Role
René Dam Marcker 133 (3) Chairman
Kristian Woxholt 14 (7) Vice chairman, board representative
Hans Christian Bonde 146 (3) Treasurer, board representative
Mathias Andresen 61 (7) Member
Victor Büttner 126 (5) Member
Lauri Leemet 197 (3) Member
Mikkel Bruun 94 (5) Member
Lau Lauridsen 56 (7) Member
Lasse Damsgaard Skaalum 97 (5) Member
Sazvan Salih 43 (7) Sup.
Simon Kallehauge 76 (5) Sup.


The residents council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, at. 17.00 in the common house and are open to all residents.