The ABK-Bar is located in the common house. The ABK-Bar handles friday bars and other social events for all residents of the kollegium. Those social events include: sommer party, christmas lunch, poker-night, TV night with soccer, handball or american football.

What does the ABK-Bar offer?

The Bar has a big TV where movies and sports can be enjoyed with your fellow residents. If you need space for a birthday party, friends are welcome (remember to contact the ABK Board for approval).

Furthermore, the Bar also offers beer, draft beer, water, drinks, and shots in student friendly prices! The friday bar is open when the friday bar sign is under block 5, which often is friday from 20:00. Bring your fellow residents to the Bar, and enjoy your evening!


If you want to know what happens in the bar or want to take a shift or two, follow us on Facebook. If you have any good ideas or comments, or if you want to join the ABK-Bar, then write to us on: bar@abk-aalborg.dk

ABK-Bar Committee

If you want to join and help the ABK-Bar committee, then join our monthly meetings the first Tuesday of the month at 20:00 in the commonhouse.

The ABK-Bar committee consists of:

Name Apartment Number Role
Mathias Andresen 61 Chairman
Jack Christensen 42 Vice Chairman
Philip Østergaard Henriksen 67 Treasurer
Laurits Bjerg Thanning 74 Vice Treasurer
Anne-Mette Kjetterup 115 Board Member
Frederik Kvist Aarup 103 Board Member
Laura Anine Bech Knudsen 110 Board Member
Camilla Mønsted 46 Board Member
Andreas Mikki Andersen ? Board Member


Right now, ABK-Baren’s Articles are only available in danish, and can be seen in the pdf below.

ABK-Baren Vedtægter