ABK-Bar is the “party committee” of ABK Aalborg, and is in charge of Friday bars and other social events, and is located in the common house. Examples of social events held by the ABK-Bar includes: Friday bars, Summer Party, Julefrokost, Tour de Chambre (TDC), Beer Pong Tournament, and much more.

What does ABK-Bar offer?

The bar offers draft beer, bottled beer, water, drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and shots at student friendly prices!

You are allowed to bring non-ABK friends to the Friday bars, but for our other events are ABK residents only, unless otherwise specified. For non-ABK bar events see the common house rules regarding non-ABK residents.

The Friday bar is open when the Friday bar sign is out under block 5, which often is Friday from 20:00. Bring your fellow residents to the Bar, and enjoy your evening!


There are several ways of contacting ABK-Bar.

  • You can contact us via email on bar@abk-aalborg.dk.
  • You can put a note in “Foreslagskassen” at events. “Foreslagskassen” is reviewed at every meeting.
  • You can attend our monthly open meetings.

If you have any good ideas or comments, or if you want to join the ABK-Bar, feel free to contact us!

ABK-Bar Calendar

If the calander failed to load, visit the Calendar Webpage

ABK-Bar Committee

We hold a meeting every first Tuesday of the month, except for January, July, and August. The meetings take place in the common house at 20:00, and are open for all. So if you want to join and help ABK-Bar, feel free to join our meetings!

As of this moment, the board of ABK-Bar consists of:

Name Apartment Number Role
Christine Birkemark Pedersen 83 Chairman
Jonas N. Terp 40 Vice Chairman
Frederik Daasbjerg 74 Treasurer
Mathias Andresen 3 Board Member
Rikke Andersen 113 Board Member
Philip Østergaard Henriksen 67 Board Member
Ida Landbo Olesen 67 Board Member
Liv Boe Thrysøe 3 Board Member
Emilie Boedker 52 Board Member
Kathrine Rix Sørensen 27 Board Member

Articles of Association

Right now, the ABK-Bar’s Articles are only available in danish, and can be seen in the PDF below.