Arbejderbevægelsens Kollegium is located on the top of Sohngårdsholmsbakken, which is a nice and quiet area and right next to the beautiful Sohngårdsholms Slotspark. It is close to the city center and AAU Campus which makes the area attractive for students.

Address: Borgmester Jørgensensvej 3 -7, 9000 Aalborg

Update in Fitness room

New additions: jack cable, bar bells (2x 30 kg, 2x 34 kg and 2x 38 kg), two weight lift poles (handle up to 650 kg), one step board (3 height of config), one aerobic set, 6x fitness elastic in different strength and some quick lock for the weight lift poles.

Update in Fitness room

Today, some new equipment have been added to our collection, a new punching bag and new tricep barbell. In some time there have been problems with the different machines, but now every machine have been though a service check and thereby working a lot better. Specially the treadmill, cross trainer and the indoor bike.

Fitness Fitness Fitness